Only Lovers

October 5, 2018

I know, in this moment, that there

exists across time and space
a communion of humans
who have suffered shatters—
weakly carnivorous,
check-your-face-in-the-mirror-before-you-leave-your-room breaks.


Our bones are sharp,
our skins are thin,
and our hearts are dumb soft things
that once spun and vibrated
to the same combinations of halfhearted letter strings,
but now our shoulder blades jolt up
and our chests cave in
because we did not realize we had never known despair before.


And we are collected

and we are one,
your hearts and mine;

a web of invisible thread

tethers us together.

And we all of us know it,

yes, we all know it—

but this is not a moment for knowledge or perspective.

Feeling is lord here, and feeling tells us

that each of us is friendless.

That these hearts will never beat so quick.


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