Perspective Escape

October 19, 2018

try to imagine someplace else

stuck here without a landscape, try making one

where you draw with sighting to find

the horizon, your arm flat out-stretched


trees become like little yard markers

for perspective, and water could tell you

where the basin ends, the shades, too many of them

to capture


an outside wall of the house looks like a broad

display of courage and love, windows perfectly

outfitting its trim, a blue slanted roof,

the outside doors painted green


the gradient reaching up for the back

of your eyeballs, too high to consume

indigo above and pale on the crease

somewhere between, a light texture violet


beneath feet, between imaginary toes

is spongey clay, which breaks undone

like cinnamon, and sits airy on top

sloping over and gaining mass by the building


instead of lights inside you have a day that turns,

seems harmonic in the way it carries on

and becomes something graduated of a night. . .

I really experience by turning off my light

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