Pink Light

October 29, 2018

(For Carlos)



we watch the snow, living it amid street lamps

the dawn converts to a tryst.

Between indigo is the promise of a new morning,

with you, dying but still taking a fast drag

from the cig that I place.


You compliment this setting better than nobody,

you all beautifully Hindu-yellow, with a hint of sweat

bringing mist to your skin.


Are you going today, widening with those smoke

curls & the certain passage of weather?

Are you going even with some dream of Coney fizz?


If so, go unawares, tossing your butt beneath

the assurance of my foot.

Go with my shouldering the wings that only you

on this particular morning can give.

Go as this sky, as pink, as peach,

the interiors of our radiant souls

granted grace, taking leave.

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