so it goes

December 7, 2018

a splintered boat in an overgrown field

gord downy on the big screen, he’s dead

an old friend in stage four, haven’t seen in years


as if premature twin babies weren’t enough

or four years sobriety didn’t count for anything

colon cancer stage four, premature babies, so it goes


at least the wife gets to blog her pain to the voyeuristic mass

at least he’s returned to Christ and the family is holding fast

at least there are these latter days, at least there will be heaven


a woman pregnant with a dying child

bowels afloat outside its stomach,

she rejects the offered opportunity to abort


takes a hit from the pipe then sips a beer

it’s okay, she says, her friend drank and smoked

the entire term and the baby was born healthy


and so it goes, the world spins its web of pain


so it always goes


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