Minstrel C. Milquetoast

December 17, 2018

If only love offered

One last boon.

If only I could enchant you

With a spell of strength.

You have doomed yourself

To save yourself.


Yellow jackets sting our heels.

We have tap-danced backwards

Instead of forwards.

Lost in the cracks,

You seek cover on the sidewalk.

I venture rough roads

And jagged plains.

I seek the terrestrial for aliens,

While you cower in your own ashes.


I may be mad,

But my intense reality

Grasps me in an elegant life.

I pity you.

You can never know


Nor paradise.


In your current state,

You can only read about it.

Do not worry.

I will send you every book I write.



If you realize what you are missing,

You can rescue yourself,

When I could not.


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