Facing East

June 30, 2019

Leather winged bats fly above the deck

as I exercise, facing east, facing

the rising sun which fulfilled

its promise to return.


I look up to a tree where yesterday

a crow sized woodpecker gave

a call like a tropical bird,

drilled the trunk for carpenter ants.


The forest is fragmented, with

deer reproducing too fast,

browsing everything in sight.

Neither wild nor ornamental shrub is safe.


I heard of how wolves have

returned to Yellowstone.


The wolves are killing deer and

overgrazed forests are coming back.

Wolves are killing coyotes and

small mammals are returning.


The rebounding population of beavers

has constructed dams on streams and rivers.

The rivers are slowing down, the wetlands

support birds and diverse populations of animal life.


Not long ago, I read of how conservation groups

bought water rights on the Colorado River.

This allowed some water to remain in the channel.


The once dry streambed of the Colorado

is returning to life. The marshes at its exit

to the Sea of Cortez have regenerated,

restoring the nesting grounds of fish.


Marine life is coming back,

even as we see the demise of coral reefs.

One small fragment of restoration

gives me one small fragment of hope.


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