Mission Statement and Purpose

Created by Joshua Gerst and brought to life by Austin Shay; this Summer-only sister-segment of The Paragon Journal will welcome weirder, wild, wider varieties of unique creative writing and visual arts. Scouting specifically for Post-modernism, we are looking for artists, painters, poets, critiques, and photographers who wish to gain a strong voice in a medium whose resonation is not being heard. Many topics, subjects, and project productions are not reverberating among millennial, mainstream media. The Chronicle seeks to reflectively represent and publish the under-represented, ambiguously defined as, any HUMAN who feels ‘Alien’, or has been treated as an outsider for following forces of the heart and pursuing purpose. Fellow ‘Martians’ are welcome to bring any post-modern mediums, styles, topics, or subjects to our attention for featured focus in the Chronicle annually and are also encouraged to submit to the Paragon Journal.